Build your membership base

Member Wizard has been developed as a social enterprise application to assist committees of Not for Profit groups manage their organisation. Members can pay their membership dues online, register and pay for Events and access secure organisational material such as agendas and meeting minutes.

Members can update their personal details, renew their membership, view any activities they are attending or pay any outstanding invoices all through a Member Portal on their phone or home computer. And now you can also create and maintain a user friendly attractive website. All for the one annual low subscription cost.

There are also great benefits for organisation peak bodies to have access to an overall view of their branch membership data. Member Wizard can help organisations grow and maintain their membership by making it easy for your members to interact with the organisation through links directly from your web page.

Member Wizard is designed, developed and supported within Australia and free to use for small groups (up to 30 members) who are trying to build their membership base. For established organisations the subscription rates are economical and affordable. Support and development for Member Wizard is proudly provided here in Australia. It is infinitely scalable so whether your organisation has less than 50 members or more than 500,000 members, Member Wizard can provide an end to end solution.

Member Wizard can also be tailored to fit your needs. The new Classes module developed specifically for University of the Third Age (U3A) allows U3A branches to create classes in Member Wizard which are automatically displayed on their website in which students can enrol and pay. So if you have a specific requirement talk to us and we will see how Member Wizard can be tailored to fit your organisations needs in a cost efficient way.

Automate & Simplify membership tasks

Member Wizard can help organisations grow and maintain their membership by making it easy for your members to interact with the organisation through links directly from your web page or through the Member Portal on their device.

Member Wizard offers a complete range of tools help committees to manage and retain their organisation membership.

Member Wizard will help keep you in touch with your membership by email or SMS messages.

Member Wizard will help you launch Events and Fundraisers easily and run them successfully. You can integrate Event registration and payments into your website.

Member Wizard provides your a complete financial management solution - no need for expensive finance software package license fees.

Member Wizard will store important documents, minutes, agendas, announcements. Access either through Member Wizard or through integration into your website.

Member Wizard Benefits

Member Wizard is designed to make it easy for organisations to manage their members and day to day tasks

Easy Committee Handovers

No complicated spreadsheets or random bits of paper and bulky folders to pass over to the new committee. Simply create new user names and grant access to your new committee members and they can take up where you left off

Web Site Integration

Generate links for New Member applications and payments, Event registration and payment, Access to secure documents and material so members can connect and securely access data stored in Member Wizard through your website.

Economical and Affordable

Member Wizard is based on a pre-paid annual subscription which is based on Active members only and which compares favourably to other less fully featured applications. Discounts apply for biennial subscriptions. It is a low-cost method to completely cater for all your membership management requirements.

Secure and Private

Your data is fully secured and hosted within Australia and you control the access level for all users. Once someone is no longer a committee member you can easily transfer access to your new committee member. All financial transactions are audit trailed.

Full Support in Australia

Member Wizard is based in Australia, data is hosted in Australia, developed and maintained in Australia and all support comes from Australia.

No Lock-in

Cancel at any time and export your members and financial transactions to a spreadsheet, your data is not locked into Member Wizard.


Subscription Rates

Member Wizard Subscription Rates

Max. Members
Annual Pre-Paid Subscription
Up to 30
Smaller Clubs
Larger Clubs
Large Network
Large Association
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* Excludes GST, any foreign currency exchange adjustments or bank transfer fees